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A Few of My Favourite Confidence Trout Flies

Brook Trout
Image by Aaron Gustafson via Flickr

I am sure, we as fishers, all have our confidence baits. I have confidence baits for any species I have fished regularly and it also applies to my fly fishing trips.

About a month ago a friend took me out fly fishing for some brook trout here in New Brunswick. It was close to Sussex but he would shoot me if I said exactly where. Well he might not actually kill me but he might never take me fly fishing again and that surely would kill me. So I’ll keep tight lipped on this one.

When he told me where we would be going I prepared the confidence flies and put them all into one fly box and I put my favourite dry fly on before I ever left the house.

We had a great day and landed many brook trout. All of which we promptly released as it’s a catch and release area only.

Here is a little video that I watched on Youtube this morning and thought you might like to see some of the trout flies I love to have with me.

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Fly Tying Equipment: The Whip Finisher

Daddy Longlegs
Image by Yai&JR via Flickr

Ever have trouble getting the head of your fly tied just perfect? Well I have. I used my fingers as part of my fly tying equipment but eventually I started to use the whip finisher I’ve had for 20 years or more. How about you, are you still using your fingers to finish off your fly head?

For me personally it seemed to take longer to finish off the head of my fly than it took to tie the thing, so now my speed has picked up considerable and I have more time on the water than on the fly tying bench.

It took me a few tries to get the whip finisher to do what it’s meant to do but with a little practice it works fine and much faster than just using my fingers.

Here’s a short fly tying equipment, the whip finisher, video that will help you master it in a few minutes. I took extra time because all I had was a few drawings showing me how. I learn much faster by example.

I hope this helps you tie flies in record time now. Maybe you can even start making some money selling your flies on places like and or directly from your web site.

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