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How To Tie A Cahill Dry Fly

Learn How to Tie a Cahill Dry Fly

I love watching people tie flies, especially when they actually explain the steps.

Here is a list of what you will need to tie the Cahill.

Name: Cahill

Hook: #12 Dry Fly

Thread: Black 6/0

Tail: Furnace Hackle

Body: Blue Dun Superfine Dubbing (needs to repel water.)

Wing: Imitation Wookduck Flank

Hackle: Brown Neck Hackle

Using The Whip Finisher To Tie Off Your Fly:

Not comfortable with the whip finisher yet. It took me a long time before I stopped using my fingers to whip finish a fly. Here is a video that will show you how to use the Whip Finisher.

I looked at a few whip finisher videos on Youtube and chose the following because it has audio and is easy to see the process.

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I love fly fishing for Atlantic salmon, just never get enough of it, and I also love using the Atlantic salmon pattern known as The Green Machine on most of our salmon rivers here in New Brunswick Canada.

My understanding of the Green Machine is that it was first used here in New Brunswick. No wonder both I and the Atlantic salmon love it.

The following video was created by William at Thanks for the great video William.

You can watch the video and I will make a list for you with the materials you will need to successfully duplicate this awesome salmon fly.

Atlantic Salmon Fly: The Green Machine

Pattern: The White Calf Tail Green Machine, a slight variation of the original Green Machine.

  • Mustad Hook: 3582 – Size 8 – Down Eye Double Hook
  • Tail: White Calf Tail
  • Hackle: Size 12 Dry Fly Hackle (Brown or Ginger)
  • Body: Deer Body Hair (Green)

Note: Using blue deer hair and you will create a smurf to catch Atlantic salmon.

Feel free to change up the tail colour and see how you do on your salmon water.

If you’re new to deer hair spinning it’s not a problem. I found this little deer hair spinning video, enjoy.

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My wife is from Campbellton New Brunswick, definitely the Atlantic salmon capital of the Maritimes. I have been fly fishing there for both big brook trout and of course the Atlantic salmon. I thought you would like to see a video of an Atlantic salmon fly tied right here in New Brunswick. I wonder if I would have married her if she wasn’t from a salmon fishing background? Okay, just kidding.

Somewhere about 1935 Joseph Clovis Arsenault was asked by Joseph Pulitizer to replicate a worn out Black R.A.T. that had the under body showing through. This better with age and well used fly was the birth of one of the most famous of all Canadian hair wing flies. The Rusty Rat is as good today as any fly for fishing the world famous Restigouche River.

This video not only shows you step by step how to tie the Rusty Rat but as he is tying he tells a great story of the history. Well worth your time viewing.

Most fishers have confidence baits and the same thing goes for salmon flies. I have my favourites and they tend to be all I use most of the time. The Rusty Rat is a salmon fly I have never tried but after watching this video it’s one that I have to learn to tie for myself and give it a try next year. Looking forward to it already.

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