Dieppe Fly Tying ClubThe Dieppe Fly Tying Club is a group of Fly tyers in the greater Moncton area.

This fly tying group was formed in 1999, with the goal of creating links between fly fisherman and sharing in the pleasure of fly tying, fly casting and exchanging information on our passion, fly fishing.

The Dieppe Fly tying Club holds its meetings every Tuesday at 6:30 PM from October through April at the Lakeburn Adult Education Center (Therrien Street) where the focus is on Fly tying.

Beginners and experts alike learn new techniques especially in tying new flies (Hairwing and Classic) for trout and Atlantic salmon. Everyone is welcome to join us and it is free. The club members created a commun project in establishing the annual Dieppe Fly Fishing Forum held every spring at the NBCC Dieppe.

The Dieppe Fly Tying Club is an affiliate to The New Brunswick Salmon Council and the New Brunswick Wildlife Federation.

I am really excited about this fly tying club as I have never been to one yet I have been tying flies here in Moncton for at least 30 years. I think I will check with my fly tying buddy Jamie and if he’s not overly busy maybe we can both attend.

Looking forward to seeing what’s up at the Dieppe Fly Tying Club and maybe even get a few pictures to share with you.