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It seems like a long time since I’ve felt The Joy of Fly Fishing. I didn’t manage to get any fly fishing in last year so it has been 2 years since I’ve enjoyed the experience. Have to get out for some Atlantic salmon spring fishing.

I love watching people fly fishing for Atlantic salmon, although I rather be there fishing instead of watching of course.

I looked through a number of videos and couldn’t seem to find one for spring 2012 here in New Brunswick Canada which showed the salmon at the end along with the fly they were using, so I will show a video of fly tying my favourite spring Atlantic salmon streamer, the Mickey Finn.

The Mickey Finn is one of my favourite springtime Atlantic salmon streamers as it’s easy to tie and I can tie a bunch in a short time. One other BIG reason is that it works in our New Brunswick rivers.

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fishing-bass-in-a-float-tub“Fishing for Memories” was created after watching the father of a dear friend struggle through the late stages of Alzheimer’s.

After witnessing the toll this disease took, not only on the person suffering from the illness, but their loved ones as well, we felt it important to create an event that could involve the whole family.

The gentleman who inspired this event was an avid outdoorsman who loved his time on the water, and we felt it fitting that our event would allow others to share his love for the outdoors, while at the same time, allowing participants to create new and lasting memories with their families, all while supporting a great cause.

The “Fishing for Memories” tournament has been designed in a way that allows anyone to participate. We hope to attract people of all ages and all walks of life. The tournament will take place along a stretch of the beautiful Saint John River, but having a boat is not necessary as there are many locations in the area where fishing from shore can be very successful. All that is needed is a fishing pole and the desire to have a good time and support a great cause.

We will be hitting the water at 8am on June 23, 2012 from the Hampstead Ferry Wharf, just off of Route 102 in Hampstead NB. Entry fees are: Adults $25, Youth 12-18 $10, and Kids Under 12 free. All prizes will be based on a percentage of entry fees plus donations from sponsors.

You can find the rules of the Fishing For Memories Pickerel Tournament here.

Anyone interested in participating in the tournament, or helping out on shore as a volunteer, please call Donald Paterson at (506)468-9098 or email