Biot Body Rusty Spinner FlyI’ve done a lot of fly fishing for brook trout and Atlantic salmon but I also fly fishing for Chain pickerel and smallmouth bass. When I think about fly fishing for pickerel I always remember the day Roland, Paulie and I took our float tubes to a little spot between Moncton and Sussex to try a spot we thought was full of trout.

I’m not really sure where I got the idea there were trout in this spot but the first fish of the day was hooked and landed by ME and it wasn’t a trout. Actually it was a 17 inch chain pickerel and he/she put up a nice fight on my light-weight fly rod. I thought I had on a 3 pound trout.

The first chain pickerel I ever saw I caught when fly fishing for brook trout near Browns Flat New Brunswick. This little pickerel was about 9 inches long and actually flew out of the water and grabbed the fly as I was pulling it off the water. Pretty cool looking.

I couldn’t believe how aggressive this little guy was and came back the following week specifically to catch more and bigger pickerel. Pardon the pun but I was hooked immediately.

Chain Pickerel Fly Fishing Fun

Pair of Chain Pickerel: Gainer Springs, Econfi...
Pair of Chain Pickerel: Gainer Springs Econfina Creek Florida (Photo credit: PMC 1stPix)

The pickerel weren’t very big, running about 16 to 19 inch but let me tell you they made up for their lack of size by fighting as if they were much larger fishing. I was only using small sized top water trout flies. Love that top water fishing.

There was really no waiting for strikes although they seemed to be right in the back of this spot so we had to travel for about a half hour before we had any strikes which led us to wonder if there were any fish there at all. But once we reached the chain pickerel they were crazy leaping out of the water for anything we tossed at them.

The pickerel have very sharp teeth and made quick work of our tiny trout flies but they are so easy to tie and nothing fancy is needed, at all. Two minutes or less per fly works for me.

I don’t video myself tying flies as the video camera intimidates me and I just make lots of tying mistakes. I felt it would be better if I just showed you a few easy fly tying videos from Youtube, which is always the first place I look for helpful videos.

Biot Body Rusty Spinner Fly

Well that was a quick and easy fly to tie. And I tie a lot of these style flies because our Chain pickerel, just like the pike, has nasty teeth and destroy them pretty quickly but in such a fun way.

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