That should teach him to catch more fish than me. Oh yeah, and he should know now never to turn his back on my, cause I can kick his butt again if he ever out fishes me. Ha Ha

Okay, really I got skunked. I forgot what that felt like and now that I do remember I remember that I don’t like it at all.

Jamie did managed to catch 4 fish, a chub, 2 pickerel and a bass. The chub he caught a little off the bank but the others were tight to the bank in very shallow water.

I was too far away to get a picture of the bass or chub but I did get a picture of the pickerel Jamie caught.

Jamie with his second pickerel of the afternoon

The second one was about the same size, small but a whole lot bigger than what I caught.

The water clarity was poor to say the least. I think the visibility was no more than about 2 feet. All the rain we had Thursday raised the water level, dropped the water temperature a bit but muddied up the water way too much.

Couldn’t see more than a foot into the water

That would explain why there was a bit of action along the bank where the water is only a few inches deep.

flower-inthe-waterI am always amazed at the beauty that is all around us when we are fishing, sometimes I get too busy fishing to look around me.

Here was a little flower that was growing right in the water. I have never seen one like this so I am wondering if it was perhaps growing on the shore but after the rain Thursday it was in a foot of water.

I have never walked a river fishing without wearing waders but because it had been so hot and the water so warm I thought I would were shorts and sneakers. I was so much cooler than I would have been in waders, just ask Jamie how his wader felt.

In closing for today I would like to point out that the bottom was pretty slippery and right near the end of our fishing day I slipped and fell right in the drink.

Even though a bit embarrassing it was very refreshing. That must be why I fell in again before I could get back on my feet.

Now that would have been funny to have on video but Jamie was busy fishing instead of filming me flopping around in the water.

I didn’t have a change of clothes so I spent the ride home sitting on three or four grocery bags to try and keep Jamie’s car seats from getting soaked.

Until the next time, keep our woods and waters clean.

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