White River Fly Shop Lost Lake Open Front Float Tube Combo

Get more for your boat money with our Lost Lake Open Front Float Tube Combo! This well-priced combo includes our quality Lost Lake Open Front Float Tube, Double Action Hand Pump and a pair of Lost Lake Kicker fins.

The Lost Lake Open Front Float Tube is constructed from durable 420 denier nylon with rugged PVC bladders and features ample tackle storage pouches with dual zippers, removable fly patch, comfortable quick-release seating, hi-visibility back safety panel, mesh striping apron with ruler, hook ‘n loop rod holder, carrying handles, multiple D-rings for tools and accessories and a reliable and easy access Boston valve for quick inflation and deflation.

Plus, all critical seams have been triple stitched, so you don’t have to worry about anything except hooking your next fish! The Double Action Hand Pump will allow you to inflate your Lost Lake Float Tube with in less time and with less effort.

Made from rugged, non-corrosive plastic with foot plate for easy pumping, this small air pump provides a high-volume of air flow on both up and down strokes. The lightweight Lost Lake Kickers fins are fully adjustable and are designed to be worn over your wading boots and attach with nylon cords.

Lost Lake Kickers measure 9” x 20” and provide maximum propulsion and control. One size fits most. Imported. White River Fly Shop® Replacement Open Front Float Tube Bladder sold separately. White River Fly Shop® Lost Lake Open Front Float Tube Combo

For years I had a canoe and it took me to a lot of fun places fishing. The only thing about having a canoe is just how tough it can be to control it in the wind. I am not a professional paddler and many times found myself being blown about without much control and that would take the fun out of fishing in just a few minutes, about the same time my arms would give out.

Then I saw a fishing show where they were using float tubes. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the float tube was just how easy it would be to get into some of the fishing holes I fish.

Just as fast my mind went back to a few fishing trips that had me exhausted before I ever got to the water. The float tube looked like it would be so much lighter and easier to get through the dense bush I sometimes go through to get to the ponds and lakes I fish.

I picked up my first float tube about 10 years ago, I am just guessing here, it’s been a while. My first trip out was so much fun I could hardly wait to go again.

The second time out I had to navigate through some thick weeds. It was a very hot day, very hot. Well I dragged my butt through those weeds and thought I was going to melt by the time I got through. It was the hardest work I had done in a while.

Later I found that I didn’t inflate the float tube enough. The next time I did inflate it correctly and I just breezed over the weeds like they weren’t even there. I couldn’t help but to laugh as I was going through the weeds because I kept remembering the time I had getting through a week before.

Now when I had my canoe I would take a friend with me as often as I could as it’s more fun fishing with a buddy but it was also a lot easier to control my canoe when I had someone in the other end willing to help paddle through any wind.

I still like to take a friend fishing so I bought a second float tube from one of my computer students. He bought it for his dad after he had a heart attack hoping he would still be able to enjoy fishing. Unfortunately the float tube wasn’t for him, a bit of a blessing for me though.

It is so much fun floating around and getting into spots that are tough to get to any other way.

One spot I was fishing near Chipman New Brunswick was right at the road side. The road was about 20 feet above the water. A trucker was driving by and saw me in my float tube. He stopped his rig and hollered at me asking if I need any help.

He thought my boat had sunk.

Next year I want to introduce my newest fishing buddy, Jamie, to float tube fishing. I am sure he will have an experience that he will want to experience again and again.

My float tubes each have an inflatable back support to keep you comfortable all day long and I have spent many hours in my float tubes without getting uncomfortable at all.

The float tubes also have side pockets where your arms rest so that you can bring food and supplies with you. No need to go back to the car at all.

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