Sometimes it seems likes it not the time to go pickerel fishing, well to my wife anyways. I haven’t really found a proper time NOT to go fishing.

When I just have to get out fishing I tell my wife it’s just to strengthen my heart dear and she usually lets me go. But really she is awesome about the times I go fishing and really I am just joking a bit.

I would say that pickerel fishing from my float tube is good for my heart. Just being out in the fresh air enjoying nature is good for my heart and being but those pickerel keep my heart pounding all day long and that sure beats going for walks every day.

The fact that chain pickerel, pike and musky are known to wait until they get to the boat before exploding into action makes for a great day on the water. It’s also an opportunity for a shower now and then so be sure to bring some bio-degradable soap.

The day is was at this spot I didn’t have my float tube with me so I was fishing from the bank. I didn’t even get in the water as the bottom is very boggy and you quickly could find yourself in a spot you just can’t get out of and that really spoils a day.

You can see a little island, just close enough to get a cast but far enough that I don’t scare the pickerel.

I was walking along making casts and catching a few here and there but as soon as I got close to this island I started getting excited and I could see minnows breaking water and that usually means something is chasing them.

The very first cast that I made snagged right on the bottom, it was only a few inches deep around the island, so I started casting a little shorter each cast until I found where the water dropped off and BAM, dinner served.

That pickerel was sure it had the best of me and even managed to dig into the weedy bottom as much as possible but the only was that chain pickerel was getting away was to either pull the plastic bait out of its mouth or cutting the line.

About 5 minutes and that 24 inches set of teeth and fury was landed. My wife had the camera so I didn’t get to take this picture until later and had already released the pickerel to fight another day.

This little cove has a number of little islands that stick out of the water, within casting distance and through the course of the day I had a blast.

I have never fished this area from the bank. We usually arrive with our float tubes and fish a different area just across the road from this spot.

I will definitely go back to this spot a little later and see if the pickerel are still hanging around this area. It can be so shallow on this side that it’s hard to get through it with a float tube. A canoe works well but I sold that and replaced it with two float tubes.

I usually fish smallmouth bass, trout and salmon and have only found a few good spots for chain pickerel. I would like to find some more spots that are easy to access with my float tubes.

This little spot is just past Chipman, New Brunswick and takes me just over an hour to get to from my home.

I have another spot I used to go to in my canoe but it get really windy there and unless the day is calm it’s tough to fish, even in a canoe it’s hard to manage this spot in the wind. There are many days that I just had to get out of the water and walk back to the car and that’s no fun when you’re stuck at the bottom of that lake.

I don’t go there much any more as these other places keep me excited and I don’t usually have to get out of the water due to the wind.

Are you from New Brunswick? Do you have a few nice spots me and my float tube could have a great on the water fishing chain pickerel?

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