muskie luresI am so excited about fishing New Brunswick again this year but then again I’m excited every year I get to go fishing, however this year it’s my my year to fish for muskie and striper.

A few weeks ago I opened my fishing NB Facebook page and saw a message from fishing friend Ron who was selling a bunch of his muskie lures and gave me the first chance to snap them up and I did.

I was going to pick them up at the first muskie meeting of the year but that didn’t happen as my computer died Saturday morning. It would have been my first muskie meeting too. So glad Casey was going because he picked my lures up and dropped them off at my house where I ripped them open like a kid at Christmas.

I thought they would fit in a couple of my Plano boxes but they were a tad too big for the ones I have. Okay way too big. I’ll be heading out before fishing starts to pick up a couple of Mann sized Plano boxes. They will fit perfectly in the tackle bag Casey gave me the last time he was in town.

I’m sure Jenny was pleased that I cleared off the kitchen table to layout my musky lures so I could take a few pictures of them.

Yesterday morning I had zero muskie lures, today I have 22 awesome musky lures. Yesterday morning I was eager for fishing season to begin, today I’m itching to try these new lures out. I guess I just have to dream about it for the next few weeks.

Watch the waters as you’ll likely see me and my float tube fishing muskie and stripers. That would be a funny site to see me being dragged from Fredericton to Saint John in a float tube being pulled by a big ole striper.

Now I’m off to eBay to see what other muskie lures I can find. I’d like to find some nice muskie spinner baits as they are one of my favourites to fish.

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