fishing with JamieJenny and I went up to Canadian Tire on the weekend to pickup some gardening stuff so I am ready to start planting seeds earlier this year. As we headed toward the lighting section my eyes caught a glimpse of a fishing lure in a bin.

Jenny kept walking and by the time she realized I wasn’t next to her I had picked three of my favourite Rapala lures from the bin and stuck them in the cart. Then I quickly caught up to her as if I’d never stopped.

I would like to have grabbed an entire armful of Rapala lures but we were there for gardening supplies and have a limited budget so I had to use some self-control. These are the three lures I just added to my small collection of lures.

rapala f-18
Rapala Original Floating Perch Pattern – F-18
Always one of my favourites.

rapala xr-10
Rapala X-RAP Extreme Action – XR-10

rapala hj-10
Rapala Husky Jerk – HJ-10

I will have find an excuse to go back there this weekend and see if there are any left.

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