Many beginners are confused with the different terms used in fly fishing. That is perfectly understandable. As a beginner, you cannot expect to learn all the names of those fly fishing gears sold in the market, so if the guy at the fly shop counter tells you to use a leader to hold that small fly on the fly line, don’t freak out. Even some old timers do not know what a leader is in fly fishing so do not be so distressed if you have no idea what the shop counter attendant is talking about. Instead of freaking out, just ask the attendant to explain to you what he or she is talking about. You may also ask him or her to show you what a leader is and to use it.

What Is A Fly Leader?

Before you concoct some funny definition of what a fly leader is, let us get this straight. In fly fishing, a fly leader is that part of the terminal tackle system which allows for an almost invisible transition between the fly line and the tippet. Now, if you do not know what a tippet is, let us define it for you. In fly fishing, a tippet is the last 24 or more inches of the leader. You get to tie the fly on this part of the leader. If you are not clear on this part, you better ask that guy on the shop counter to show what this is all about. Holding the fly fishing leader in your hands is the surest way to get to know it better.

What does a fly fishing leader do? The leader separates the fly from the fly line so that you your fly line will not create a lot of disturbance when it hits the water. Since the fly leader is invisible, it helps fool the fish into eating the bait. In other words, you will most likely catch more fish if you have a good fly leader.

What Kind Of Fly Leader Should You Buy?

There are many types of fly fishing leaders being sold in the market today. Fly leaders different in terms of length, strength, design and purpose. The most common types of fly leaders are around 7 1/2 to 9 feet long. However, if you prefer shorter or longer fly leaders, you can easily find fly leaders between 3 feet and 20 feet long. On the other hand, fly leaders vary in terms of design and purpose. Some leaders are designed to catch trout and some are designed to catch bass and the likes. To find something that suits your needs well, ask the attendant to help you choose your fly fishing leader. Most fly fishing shop attendants knows all about fly leaders so ask for their assistance if you are in doubt.

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