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This, for me, is the hardest time of the year. I can’t go fishing because the season isn’t open for another few weeks but the weather is sunny and warming up, plus the snow is going down really fast, almost gone from our backyard now.

I guess it’s time to bring up my fishing gear from the basement to make sure I know where every thing is and to organize things that didn’t get organized last fall.

You never really know what to expect at this time of year. March can be very unpredictable and even though the snow is going down it could just a quickly start piling back up again. I have come back from Flordia more than once, at the end of March to find more snow that we had almost all winter. But I always keep my hopes up and dream of my favorite hot spots for brook trout and smallmouth bass.

I will have my fly rod with  me of course. The opening day of fishing season wouldn’t be the same without trying to catch something on my fly rod but it doesn’t always happen so I will be sure to take my spinning rod as well and some nice Mepps. The brookies love the Mepps and if they are their the Mepps will find them.

This is the only time of year I keep fish, other than Atlantic salmon. The water is clear and cold making for the best tasting fish. Later when the water warms up the fish seem to get softer and even have worms which kind of turn me off.

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