bitter cold winter day
Cold Morning in Moncton, New Brunswick

I know I shouldn’t complain but holy crap it’s cold outside today. As much as I love fishing I have to be honest and say this is the type of day I much prefer to stay in my house. Even then it’s chilly as our house is kind of old and has a few too many drafty areas.

This is the kind of day I love having a home office where I can close the door and crank the heat until my hands and brain work again.

Yeah, maybe I’m a wimpy, yet proud Canadian, but it’s bloody cold out there this morning at -20 Celsius and if you include those gusts of wind it’s more like –30. My hands actually froze to the door knob coming back in with Honey earlier. Sure glad I didn’t use my tongue to open the door like I usually do.

Should have taught Honey our pit bull to use the toilet but she still has to go out or bust. She can hold it for a long time but eventually she has to go. This morning she didn’t take any time to sniff around the yard, she just did her business and wanted back in.

Well as bone chilling as it is outside today I’m in my nice warm office writing blog pots for my many blogs. It’s nice to be able to work without freezing up, wish I could say the same thing about Windows operating system. Thinking about going with a Mac for our next computer and maybe using this one for a boat anchor. Now I just need a boat.

I’d tie a few flies for next years fishing excursions but my fingers don’t work so well when my hands are cold and I can’t make good flies with my gloves on, so maybe later when it warms up a bit more.

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