The last day Casey and I were out fishing the Shepody river for some trout. Yeah that day that was so windy the birds were grounded. Well we followed the river all the way to the Harvey dam where I was able to see the lighthouse and the dam.

shepody dam new brunswick
Shepody Dam on a day that wasn’t quite so windy.

ship ownerThis is painting of the Revolving Light. Painting that belonged to Edson Thompson, first mate of the “Revolving Light” (Courtesy: Annette Jennings)

There is a scaled replica of the Revolving Light with any sails that’s pretty cool.

I took a few pictures of the replica but didn’t have the right lighting so it’s not the best and I had to adjust some of the contrast. I hope it’s still okay.

revolving light to scale

The day we were here the first time it was just about sunset and made things look really cool, like this image of the river bank with the setting sun shining on it.

shepody dam at sunset

shepody dam lighthouseI love lighthouses so I couldn’t leave without getting shot of the Shepody dam lighthouse.

We may not have had much luck fishing but I had a great time taking as many pictures as I could with my new video camera.

We continued fishing back to the starting point for the day but the wind only got stronger and made it a rather soggy trip back as the waves were busting all over Casey. I was lucky enough to just get a bit damp as I had the best seat in the boat.

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