The Right Gear: Fly Fishing Equipment.

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To make the most of the any sport you play, make sure that you have the right equipment so you can enjoy the experience fully. If you want to catch something when you’re fly fishing, it is recommended to have the correct gear. From the tackle to the rods, having the right supply of fly fishing gear is highly important.

When you dont have the right kind of fly fishing gear, you shouldn’t even attempt to go fly fishing because you wont catch anything. The problem is though, when you’re beginning to build your collection, you may be a little puzzled as to what you should and should not buy. By reading through magazines and books about fly fishing gear you will find helpful tips on what gear you might need. These items will have the information to make your fly fishing trip even more memorable.

Time To Start Purchasing The Goods

If your money situation can afford it, it is always best to start out by purchasing a brand new rod as a part of your fly fishing gear. While used rods can serve you great, you certainly would not want some of your first experiences fly fishing ruined because the old rod you bought broke. If you go fly fishing with brand new gear the chances of your equipment lasting a while are greater. It always feels good to have new items that can be apart of your exciting fly fishing adventure.

When it comes to stocking up on the rest of your fly fishing gear, most people would agree that you should check out some well known fishing sites in order to get the most for your money. These types of places are known for giving the best deals around and having a great variety of items as well. A large variety of fly fishing gear will make sure that you have everything you need for your fishing trip. 

Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Rod

Not surprisingly, the fly rod is among the most vital pieces of equipment used by the fly fisherman. To cast the line, control the line, and strike and land your fish a good fly rod is crucial. Fishing rods need to bend and flex properly,so it is important that you get a rod that comfortably fits your hand.

First off, determine what you want to catch. Is trout what you’re after? Do you enjoy large freshwater bass? And what about fishing in saltwater? These different selections create unique demands on the fly fishing rod. For each environment you would probably choose a different weight rod. A multi-purpose rod is a 6 wt. When trying to catch a brown or rainbow trout, try a four or five wt. A 6 to 8 wt should be sufficient for any smallmouth bass, and an 8 to 9 wt will need to be used with largemouth bass. Your remaining tackle will be affected by these choices.

Once you’ve established what tyoe of fish you want to try for, you need to examine the action that each rod you’re considering posesses. The rod’s action refers to its flexibility. All flyrods, regardless of make or model, have one of the following attributes: fast action, medium action or slow action. Additional casting distance can be obtained with less exertion with a fast action rod. They are also superior on blustery days. There are more challenges for beginner anglers to learn, due to the rods power. They’re not good for short casts which require a fairly large amount of accuracy.

Rods with medium action tend to be more all-purpose. Although it is easier to learn on these than on rods with fast action, you will not get the accuracy and quiet that comes with slow action rods. Rods with slower action are usually the simplest to use. They work well around small streams when you want to sneak up on the fish in order to tempt them.

You might have to give a few different brands a try in order to discover something that fits your casting method. To fish with a rod that doesn’t work with your style can be frustrating. You can visit any fly shop in order to demo the whole range of rods that are available. Check to see if they have a qualified casting instructor in house, they can be very helpful in finding a high quality proper fly rod that won’t break the bank.

The appropriate reel is as important as the right rod. You should choose a suitable line, and then obtain a number of flies that your selected fish will desire.

Not surprisingly, there is a great deal of quality fly fishing equipment being offered online. To browse through some of these listings to find that right fly rod, fly reel or other piece of gear for fly fishing, there are many online resources available.

Some Basic Facts about Fly Fishing Gear

Green Highlander salmon fly. The hook length in this example is 4.5cm.Image via WikipediaIn fly fishing, it is very important to an angler’s success that he starts with the proper equipment. He/She may purchase or own the finest fly fishing equipment in the world, but when it is assembled and put into use, it may prove to be a very decided handicap.

To guard against this, it is important that the individual items of tackle be properly balanced one with the other. Unbalanced equipment has been responsible for more difficulties and failures of beginners than any other single factor. Poorly matched equipment is what allowed me to out fish my fly fishing buddies, well until I helped them pick their next rod, reel and line. Then I actually had to start working a bit harder to beat them.

Fly Fishing Rod

To fish with a good fly rod is to really enjoy fishing. It is much easier to learn with a good rod than with one of an inferior quality. This is no commercial plug to encourage the sale of expensive fly rods, but just a word of warning to prevent any possible or unnecessary discouragement because of using a rod that would be decided handicap to a competent caster.

Fly Fishing Lines

This item of fishing gear must be selected with some careful considerations if anglers are expecting to enjoy fishing or casting.

This is because the size and weight of fishing lines made by various manufacturers are not entirely uniform, that is, the diameter of the line by one manufacturer may be slightly larger or smaller than a line by another manufacturer even though both bear the same size marking.

The Leader You Choose To Use

The leader is also a very important item, and unless it is selected with care and consideration in comparison with the size of the line, the caster will have trouble in making it extend straight out from the line when casting.

The chief function of the leader is to serve as an invisible connection between the line and the lure.

Fishing Flies

The flies may range in size, from the tiniest used, which might be number 18 or 20, up to flies tied on number-2 hooks or larger. The heavier flies you create the more wind resistence. It also requires the use of heavier equipment or more power on the part of the caster during the back cast and forward cast.

I prefer to tie my own trout, salmon, bass and pike flies myself. It saves me time and it’s so cool when you catch that lunker on your own creation.

Fly Reels

The fly reels may be automatic or single action, but in any event, it should be larger enough to hold the usual 30 yards of fishing line without crowding it on the reel spool.

The fly reel should weigh from 1 ¼ to 1 ½ as much as the bare rod. The reel itself is of no specific use in casting or fishing except as a storage place for the line.

Consequently, the entire equipment should always be in good condition. Other wise, achieving success in fishing is impossible.

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Finding Your Fly Fishing Gear at eBay Prices.

Fly fishing as a hobby is most enjoyable but it can get expensive if you don’t know where to buy your supplies. I have found that eBay has just about anything I want or need, mostly want of course. Not only do they have what I want for my fly fishing trips but they have it at prices I just can’t get around here.

I must admit the love spending money on my hobbies, especially everything fly fishing but I also have limited resources so I have to be a bit wise with my purchases. Well not any more I have found that eBay has such great offers from the multitude of user that I can go a little nuts purchasing and still stay within my budget.

I bought an extra float tube so that when I go fly fishing for Bass and Pickerel, where I use float tubes, I can take a friend with me. I also keep extra fly rods, reels, line and well just about double of everything. I find fishing so much more enjoyable when sharing my time and nature with friends.

I have started a website, it doesn’t look too fancy, for all things fly fishing. Everything comes directly from eBay members and of course you can find awesome prices.

I love to stock up on things throughout the winter when I am mostly stuck inside. My body just can’t handle the cold these days, so it’s a great time to tie flies and sort out the mess I made from the previous fishing season.

Fly fishing gear from eBay

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