Gotta Try Fly Fishing The Petitcodiac River While Surfing The Tidal Bore

tidal boreNow there’s a goal. Grab your fly rod, a couple of flies boxes and jump on your surfboard. Be sure you’re on time because the tide waits for no man or woman.

The guy in the front looks like it’s a walk in the park so I’m sure he would give it a try. I want to be there with my video camera.

Landing a salmon on your surfboard and keeping your balance might be a bit challenging.

canada geese petitcodiac river

Ten or twelve Canada geese were running along the bank on the other side of the river. They were pretty much running in single file like they didn’t want to miss anything.

IMG_6883A couple of local surfers got in the water just down river from where I was standing and then paddled down river to meet the other two or three surfers as they were coming around the bend by the big red hotel.

I am really glad I decided to go and see what it was all about. I think there were two surfers from California, the two local guys and then I’m not sure but I think I saw at least five surfers.

There were two seadoos going back and forth helping anyone who lost the wave back to the front again so they could keep going. Near the end of it there was one surfer way back from the other. I think he lost his paddle and couldn’t keep up.

camera ready

I had my video camera setup in the direction they were coming and I just waited until the crowd got louder. Then I knew someone saw them coming towards the bend. There were a lot of people closer than I was so I could hear them a minute or two before I could see the surfers. Lots of time to turn on the video camera.

I don’t do many videos so it’s choppy and the wind is making a lot of noise.

Bass Fishing New Horton Lake

caseys boatLast Thursday Casey and I were out enjoying another day of fishing our awesome New Brunswick waters. We were heading for New Horton Lake for a while and then later in the afternoon we would fish the Shepody river for a few rainbow trout.

Here in Moncton there was no wind at all so I thought I would bring my fly rod with me. It’s so much fun catching smallmouth bass on the fly rod.

I had a few boxes of flies and my fly rod out with my regular fishing gear when Casey arrived but my hopes of fly fishing were dashed when Casey told me how windy it was at Hopewell Cape which is close to New Horton Lake.

We also planned to fishing the Shepody river for some rainbows as the river would be closed to fishing in just a couple of days. So I still brought my fly rod with my just in case the wind the stopped before our day of fishing did. Unfortunately the wind only stopped as it was dark and we were heading home.

new horton lakeAs we drove down the path that leads to New Horton lake and came out of the trees where we could see the water we knew immediately there was a strong breeze blowing.

Not really looking good for the top water lures or fly rods but not so bad we couldn’t get the boat launched.

I really like New Horton lake and enjoy the smallmouth bass and white perch. I also especially like the mile long rock that juts out into the lake. It appears to only have a few inches of soil covering but it is covered with trees. As we go by they look like the slightest wind would knock them over into the water.

trees growing on rocks

The rock face continues into the water where it drops off to about 15 feet deep.

We weren’t fishing long before Casey had his first smallmouth bass and then his second and third. Man Casey was on fire but with every bass he landed the wind increased and the waves got higher.

Soon it was a bit too windy to do any casting so we stuck with trolling and finally I caught a smallmouth bass and was on the board. The thing is we were only seeing little smallies. We didn’t even see a single white perch which are usually eager to slap a bait.

After a few soakings from the waves, which were rather chilling, we decided it was time to leave New Horton lake and try the Shepody river for some rainbows. Casey thought we would have less wind there so we packed up and headed out.

windy day on the water

We weren’t there very long but Casey landed six smallies to my one. So glad we stayed long enough for me NOT to be skunked. I’m think I was saying goodbye to New Horton lake for this year but look forward to fishing here again in 2013, maybe even get some use out of my fly rod.

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Evening Fishing With Casey on New Horton Lake

foggy morning

Yesterday morning started as a clear morning but the next time I looked out the window the sun had disappear in a fog that covered most of Moncton.

A few minutes later I noticed something in the sky that took a couple of seconds to register. It was the fog lifting and show a little of the sun again. I thought it looked pretty cool so of course I took a picture or two.

While I was snapping the shot I saw I had a few new emails. One was from Casey checking to see if I’d like to do some bass fishing on New Horton Lake for the evening. I wasn’t long replying.

He would pick me up at 3pm and we could be fishing by 4:30 but as usual he arrived a half hour early, just the way I like it and we were off and we were fishing at 4:05 and by 4:09 I had my first smallie. What a great way to start. I had the first fish, the most fish and the biggest fish.

Rapala Countdown Perch Pattern

rapala perch countdownOne of my favourite lures is my trusty Rapala countdownperch pattern so I brought my light action rod and reel so I could get a longer cast.

I’ve caught a lot of smallmouth and pickerel using this little guy. One of my Rapala perch pattern lures has been smashed so many time the pattern is pretty much gone but it still catches them.

Rapala Countdown Perch Pattern on eBay USA

Rapala Countdown Perch Pattern on eBay Canada

Casey didn’t waste any time catching his first smallmouth so my lead wasn’t for long. But before he could even release his bass I had my second and the lead once more. Then Casey caught another and tied it up. A few minutes later he caught a white perch and had the lead.

The thing is the perch managed to get a treble hook in it’s mouth with all three hooks. This took Casey a minute or two getting them out so the fish wouldn’t be harmed and I tied things up again. It’s fun fishing back and forth like that.

As afternoon turned into evening the clouds were fewer but still managed to stay in front of the sun making it a perfect day in my books.

glaring sun

top water bait popperThe wind gave us just enough of a breeze to make it comfortable but not so much that it pushed the boat or made it choppy so I was able to use a top water poppers. Again I used one of my favourite poppers. It’s kind of a cross between a perch and a pickerel depending how the light hits it and works great.

This is the exact lure that I lost to a pickerel near Chipman, New Brunswick. I was fishing from my float tube and he smacked in such a way the he cut the line but still got hooked and was gone.

About a half hour later I noticed the sun reflecting off something in the water. I thought it was a dead fish or something and had to go look. One I got closer it disappeared under the water which was strange. A moment later I saw it again but was close enough this time to see that it was still attached to the pickerel.

I was close enough to make a cast across the pickerel and slowly reeled it and hooked the lure so I not only got my lure back but I caught a pickerel. So it took me at least a half hour from the time I hooked that pickerel before I landed it. Ha ha

smallie on a popperI put that popper on and made a cast to one of my favourite spots which is an opening between to sets of weeds and a smallie smacked it just as it hit the water. That never gets old.

It wasn’t a huge bass measuring in at 15” but it was fun on light tackle and it was the biggest fish for the day.

By the end of the day we had landed 20 fish, 19 smallmouth bass and one white perch.

moon over shepody bayJust as we were leaving Casey pointed to my right and there was the moon looking gorgeous perched just about the Shepody bay. What a great way to end a day of fishing.

I got Casey to stop at the top of a hill so I could get a picture. It was already getting dark so the image isn’t the best but I still like it. Glad I got the image then because by the time I was back home the clouds had hidden it from view.

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A Cool Foggy July Saturday Morning in Moncton

foggy moncton morningWe like to start Saturday’s with breakfast at Hynes restaurant. It gives us a little walk and some fresh air to start the day.

I was up at about 4am, as usual, and looked outside. It was still dark but clear and I could see two planets bright in the sky.

However by the time we were ready to walk to Hynes the clear sky had filled with a thick fog as you can see in the image top left. It was very refreshing to have cool air for a change.

crows in fogAs we walked we could hear some crows squawking about the fog but couldn’t see them. I kept looking toward the sound they were making and saw them perched on top of a street light. As we walked they moved from one street light to the next as if they used them as markers to know where they were going.

We found Hynes, right where it usually is, and by the time we had finished our breakfast the fog had completely disappeared.

Blue Jays Enjoying My Raspberries

blue jay stealing raspberriesOnce we returned home Jenny noticed a blue jay in my little raspberry patch. He was stealing my raspberries. She said she was going to have a talk with them and went back outside. The next thing I noticed was Jenny stealing raspberries. She can be so bad.

I had more raspberries this year than any other year so far and I’m hoping for even more next year.

I noticed the blue jay wasn’t very big compared to the others we see in our yard so I’m thinking this is a young blue jay. I think the entire family was here early in the week as I got a picture of five blue jays sitting on our Clematis trellis.

blue jays wrecking havoc again

There were six of them but just as I was ready to take the picture one took off leaving an empty spot on the trellis. That is the most blue jays I have even seen in our yard at one time. Most of the time there is only two and is why I’m thinking they are a family.

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My First Day of Pickerel Fishing 2012

chipman turnoffThe original plan was to go fishing on Tuesday but the weather forecast said Thursday would be a better day. I was able to get a bit more yard work done.

Didn’t sleep much Wednesday night and was up at about 4am. I get like then when I know I’m going fishing, just like  a 60 year old kid.

Casey was a few minutes early picking me up, which I love as I’m always eager to get going.

Even though the forecast was for a great day we still came prepared for any kind of weather, not that we don’t trust those weather people, but…

Leaving Moncton the sky was cloudy but the closer we got to our destination the fewer clouds we saw. By the time we reached the boat launch at Chipman the sky was clear of any clouds. And, to make it an even better day there was no wind to speak of.

Chipman Boat Launch

chipman boat launchWe launched at Chipman as they have a nice little boat launch which makes it quick and easy getting a boat in the water.

I could see it getting a little congested later in the season but this day there were no other boats launching and after a little walk around Casey’s boat, to be sure everything was as it should be we launched and headed up river.

I was thinking the water would be a little higher than it was. And the water wasn’t churned up any more than usually. The water in the Salmon river is always dark so that’s not a new thing. My expectations of a great day were getting higher every minute.

caseys boat

On our way up river Redbank came into view. The first thought that came to my mind was that nice smallmouth bass Jamie caught at the culverts. It would be a great way to start the day, wouldn’t it. Guess it wasn’t meant to be as we didn’t get a single strike.

Fish On: Jimmy Lands The First Pickerel

100_0079I won’t mention the location but it wasn’t long before I had the first pickerel of the day. Man it feels good getting that first fish of the year.

Casey didn’t waste any time getting the next pickerel and tied things up. Then Casey lands a second and has the lead.

Next Casey caught a third pickerel and this one was 22” long. What a show off.

22 inch pickerelNow Casey had the most fish and the biggest. Time to bring out the confidence bait.

I had to work hard but I caught up to Casey’s 4 fish and moved a head. From the point on I kept the upper hand, just enough so I wouldn’t have to walk home, again.

We had a great day out for our first day out and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. Just look at what the sky and water looked like at the end of the day.

salmon river chipman

Where Did Our Day Go?

big ole moon in the skyWe came prepared for pretty much any kind of weather as we know just how fast Mother Nature can change her mind during a day here in New Brunswick.

However it just got better and better as the day went on and before I knew it the day of fishing was done and we were back at the boat launch again.

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Glad I’m Not Out Ice Fishing Today, Brrr

bitter cold winter day
Cold Morning in Moncton, New Brunswick

I know I shouldn’t complain but holy crap it’s cold outside today. As much as I love fishing I have to be honest and say this is the type of day I much prefer to stay in my house. Even then it’s chilly as our house is kind of old and has a few too many drafty areas.

This is the kind of day I love having a home office where I can close the door and crank the heat until my hands and brain work again.

Yeah, maybe I’m a wimpy, yet proud Canadian, but it’s bloody cold out there this morning at -20 Celsius and if you include those gusts of wind it’s more like –30. My hands actually froze to the door knob coming back in with Honey earlier. Sure glad I didn’t use my tongue to open the door like I usually do.

Should have taught Honey our pit bull to use the toilet but she still has to go out or bust. She can hold it for a long time but eventually she has to go. This morning she didn’t take any time to sniff around the yard, she just did her business and wanted back in.

Well as bone chilling as it is outside today I’m in my nice warm office writing blog pots for my many blogs. It’s nice to be able to work without freezing up, wish I could say the same thing about Windows operating system. Thinking about going with a Mac for our next computer and maybe using this one for a boat anchor. Now I just need a boat.

I’d tie a few flies for next years fishing excursions but my fingers don’t work so well when my hands are cold and I can’t make good flies with my gloves on, so maybe later when it warms up a bit more.

Ice Fishing on Shediac Bay, New Brunswick

I was sitting at home Sunday morning looking out into my backyard. Everything had a layer of ice on it from the rain we had the night before. Looked gorgeous with the sun glistening off everything. Almost blinding.

This is about the time of year I start feeling a bit of cabin fever so when Casey called to see if I was up for a drive to Shediac Bay to check out his ice fishing hut. I got pretty excited as I would likely have sat around watching TV and playing my guitar all day.

ice fishing shediac bay
A Shot From Where We Parked The Vehicle.

Casey said he’d be at my house in less than an hour and all I needed to bring was some food and something to drink. As I was leaving the house my son Steve asked me if I wanted to take his flask with some Scotch to share with Casey. What a great son I have.

It’s had been at least 30 yeas since I last did any ice fishing. That was when I was still living in Ontario, near Lake Simcoe. We would take our snowmobiles and head out about 2-5 miles to a huge ice fishing village.

As we were getting close I was thinking we would be going out on the ice with our vehicle which kind of concerned me, but I trust Casey to keep me safe so I didn’t say anything at the time.

As you can see from the image above the fish huts weren’t far from shore at all. We just parked and walked out to the hut. That was easy.

casey and his ice fishing hutCasey lives about 40 minutes from Moncton at Hopewell Cape, such a beautiful spot with a great view from his backyard.

Jenny and I love driving this section and visiting all the scenic spots. Check out the day trip we took along this section of New Brunswick and where you’ll find the Rocks on the Fundy Bay.

Casey and a friend hauled his fish hut out onto Shediac Bay, in about 6 sections, and assembled it right on the spot. It seems pretty efficient with four side panels that bolt to the floor and to two roof panels. Plenty of elbow room inside as well.

The floor boards opened opposite the door and there was a big hole to fish through. I looked into the hole expecting to see bottom but instead I saw tow huge chunks of ice at the bottom. Turns out they were huge homemade pillow cases filled with chains.

pillow cases
Sheets Sown Together With Chains

They are used to make the bottom a lighter colour so that it is easier to see any activity. Pretty cool idea.  I told him I was telling his wife he was stealing bed sheet. Then he told me she was the one who sowed it all together. What a great wife.

Getting There From Here

veterans highwayOnce Casey picked me up we headed out of Moncton towards Dieppe and took the old highway 15 which is now Veterans Highway to Shediac.

Once at Shediac took highway 133 until we reached the Queens Warf turn off where the fishing hut is located. We may have taken highway 11 to get to highway 133, not sure as I was busy taking pictures of the scenery.

Queens Warf road was a short drive to the water, err I mean ice. As you can see from the picture at the top the huts weren’t far off shore.

Casey and I checked the structure and tightened a few bolts and then chopped the ice that had formed in the hole since he was last there.

The tide was heading out when we arrived and we didn’t see any fish but it was still a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get back out there again.

I have ice fished, more than 30 years ago but Casey has a couple of spears which I have never tried as the water we fished in Lake Simcoe Ontario was about 40 feet deep. So I’ll be getting some video the next time we’re out there.

We had a clear, relatively calm and sunny day plus the temperature wasn’t bad at all, however that’s not always the case so it’s best to know how to dress for ice fishing on days that aren’t so pleasant.

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