Just Received My First Muskie Lures

muskie luresI am so excited about fishing New Brunswick again this year but then again I’m excited every year I get to go fishing, however this year it’s my my year to fish for muskie and striper.

A few weeks ago I opened my fishing NB Facebook page and saw a message from fishing friend Ron who was selling a bunch of his muskie lures and gave me the first chance to snap them up and I did.

I was going to pick them up at the first muskie meeting of the year but that didn’t happen as my computer died Saturday morning. It would have been my first muskie meeting too. So glad Casey was going because he picked my lures up and dropped them off at my house where I ripped them open like a kid at Christmas.

I thought they would fit in a couple of my Plano boxes but they were a tad too big for the ones I have. Okay way too big. I’ll be heading out before fishing starts to pick up a couple of Mann sized Plano boxes. They will fit perfectly in the tackle bag Casey gave me the last time he was in town.

I’m sure Jenny was pleased that I cleared off the kitchen table to layout my musky lures so I could take a few pictures of them.

Yesterday morning I had zero muskie lures, today I have 22 awesome musky lures. Yesterday morning I was eager for fishing season to begin, today I’m itching to try these new lures out. I guess I just have to dream about it for the next few weeks.

Watch the waters as you’ll likely see me and my float tube fishing muskie and stripers. That would be a funny site to see me being dragged from Fredericton to Saint John in a float tube being pulled by a big ole striper.

Now I’m off to eBay to see what other muskie lures I can find. I’d like to find some nice muskie spinner baits as they are one of my favourites to fish.

Bass Fishing New Horton Lake

caseys boatLast Thursday Casey and I were out enjoying another day of fishing our awesome New Brunswick waters. We were heading for New Horton Lake for a while and then later in the afternoon we would fish the Shepody river for a few rainbow trout.

Here in Moncton there was no wind at all so I thought I would bring my fly rod with me. It’s so much fun catching smallmouth bass on the fly rod.

I had a few boxes of flies and my fly rod out with my regular fishing gear when Casey arrived but my hopes of fly fishing were dashed when Casey told me how windy it was at Hopewell Cape which is close to New Horton Lake.

We also planned to fishing the Shepody river for some rainbows as the river would be closed to fishing in just a couple of days. So I still brought my fly rod with my just in case the wind the stopped before our day of fishing did. Unfortunately the wind only stopped as it was dark and we were heading home.

new horton lakeAs we drove down the path that leads to New Horton lake and came out of the trees where we could see the water we knew immediately there was a strong breeze blowing.

Not really looking good for the top water lures or fly rods but not so bad we couldn’t get the boat launched.

I really like New Horton lake and enjoy the smallmouth bass and white perch. I also especially like the mile long rock that juts out into the lake. It appears to only have a few inches of soil covering but it is covered with trees. As we go by they look like the slightest wind would knock them over into the water.

trees growing on rocks

The rock face continues into the water where it drops off to about 15 feet deep.

We weren’t fishing long before Casey had his first smallmouth bass and then his second and third. Man Casey was on fire but with every bass he landed the wind increased and the waves got higher.

Soon it was a bit too windy to do any casting so we stuck with trolling and finally I caught a smallmouth bass and was on the board. The thing is we were only seeing little smallies. We didn’t even see a single white perch which are usually eager to slap a bait.

After a few soakings from the waves, which were rather chilling, we decided it was time to leave New Horton lake and try the Shepody river for some rainbows. Casey thought we would have less wind there so we packed up and headed out.

windy day on the water

We weren’t there very long but Casey landed six smallies to my one. So glad we stayed long enough for me NOT to be skunked. I’m think I was saying goodbye to New Horton lake for this year but look forward to fishing here again in 2013, maybe even get some use out of my fly rod.

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New Brunswick Saint John River: First Muskie Casting

Casting for muskie on the Saint John river system. When he’s musky fishing this guy is usually trolling for them. This is his first muskie caught while casting for them.

This video reminds me of Northern Pike fishing in Ontario back in my 20s. I haven’t tried it here in New Brunswick but it’s one of my fishing goals. I’ve been getting stronger every year and this may be the year I could handle a musky or striper, maybe if a tag team with a sturgeon.

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips On The Cheap

jim with a big smallmouth bassI never get tired of fishing smallmouth bass. I do get worn out and have to go home to rest up for another day but other than that I never tire of it.

The biggest smallmouth I’ve caught here in New Brunswick Canada was about 4 pounds. It was in Harvey lake about 30 years ago and it was the only bass we caught on that lake after two days of hard fishing.

It’s been my trophy, even though I did practice CPR (Catch, Photograph and Release)

Most of the time it’s not very hard to catch smallmouth bass, just a few tips can have you enjoying yourself as much as I enjoy smallie fishing.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Is For All Ages

fishing-buddiesI have been fishing since I was just 8 and the same with our son. It’s fun for all ages. Now I’m 60 and it’s just as much fun as it was all those years ago. I still can’t sleep the night before a fishing trip, just like when I was 8. Now my son is out west working but the first thing he did was to start buying fishing gear, as he used to just use mine.

Smallmouth bass are a high energy fish that love to jump and even tail-walk. I think that’s why they are so addictive. They never disappoint me, well seldom disappoint me as we all have those days eventually.

Bass Fishing On The Cheap

There was a time I bought all the top fishing gear including having the best lures however a turn in my healthy back in 2004 kind of changed my world and not for the better. I wasn’t able to work and my share of our family income stopped over night.

Today we live on tight budget which doesn’t leave much for fishing so I try to buy the most for my money now instead of the best.

The funny thing is I still catch lots of fish with cheaper gear.

Just Replace Those Cheap Hooks

I get up really early, usually about 4am. Just about the end of winter I was up early and was looking through eBay to see what bass lures I could find for our bass fishing and chain pickerel fishing trips.

Well I saw a boat load of cheap bass fishing lures. My first instinct was to look further but my urge to have more lures this year got the better of me and I bought more than 30 lures. The seller was so happy they included 4 extra lures in the shipping at no extra cost.

I got the lures in the mail just before I headed out for our first day of fishing and didn’t take the time to replace the hooks like my friend Casey does when he buys lures. If I had bought new replacement hooks I might have thought of it.

Anyways I still caught the most fish and only used my new lures that day.

The only negative thing about my really cheap lures was the hooks. The first fish I caught broke one of the treble hooks but I still caught the fish. Then I had to put that lure away until I bought new hooks, but just grabbed another lure and kept on fishing.

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One of My Favourite Top-Water Smallmouth Bass Baits

fishing-bass-in-a-float-tubThat’s my son Steve on the left. We were out for a day of smallmouth bass fishing at a little spot about 15km from Chipman.

It’s not a big spot so I usually go here with my float tubes or canoe, no need for motors here, although I have seen people go in here with a small boat and motor.

If I’m not fishing here using my fly rod, which is a blast with the small bass that are here, I’ll use a small jig and usually a pumpkin seed grub. It’s a great spot to go to when the day gets too windy for the pickerel in the weeds. I seldom use top water lures here but I do everywhere else I fish for smallmouth bass. It’s one of my favourite way to fish smallies.

Top Water Bass Baits

It wouldn’t really matter if I was fishing largemouth bass, smallmouth bass or even peacock bass top water fishing is an extremely exciting way to fish for them. Personally I live for top water action and usually carry a good supply of top water baits to take advantage of those calm top water moments.

I’ll use a top water bait every chance I get but I do find they work much better here in New Brunswick when the water warms up a bit. I have never had a lot of luck with top water baits when there is still ice floating in the water.

My best times for top water baits has always been early morning and late evening when the water seems most calm. It usually starts late spring when the water temps have had a chance to get warmer and goes all the way through until the water temp gets too chilly in late fall.

There are many top water bass lures I like using, some of which I’ve listed below.

Top Water Bass Poppers

There is just something about the bass popper that makes me love them. I have caught a lot of smallmouth bass using a variety of bass poppers.

It’s easy to give the popper a little twitch to make it spit water and make popping or gurgles sounds which makes it tough for the smallies to resist.

To make a bass popper really work one much wait after casting so that the ripples subside. This way when you give it a twitch it gives the best popping and gurgling action. Then you just wait again before popping it.

I love running this top water baits, especially a bass popper along the weed edges. BTW: I works on a lot more species than just smallmouth bass. But I’ll bet you knew that.

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Glad Casey keeps up on everything going on and tells me otherwise I really wouldn’t have a clue, most days. Well this morning Casey emailed and told me someone had caught a nice striper on the Saint John River at the Westmorland Sreet Bridge in downtown Fredericton and left me a link to a Youtube video.

I always like it when people take care with the health and safety of their catch. This guy kept the striper in the water and removed the hook before bringing it out of the water long enough for a photo and give a big smile.

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Sunday Trout And Striper Fishing on The Miramichi River

shiftychevy and 19 inch striperWhile I was out in the yard trying to get everything looking good and ready for summer Casey and fishing friend ShiftyChevy, probably not his real name, went to the Miramichi river to see if they could catch a few sea run trout and some stripers.

The scenery was great as was the weather but the trout and stripers were taking the day off to relax in the sun I guess because there wasn’t much catching going on. Those can be frustrating days so it really helps when the scenery keeps your mind occupied through a long day of no fish.

Well I shouldn’t say NO fish as Casey’s friend managed to hook into a 19” striper at the end of the day. That’s him in the picture top left.

beautiful miramichi river
This is one of the pictures Casey took. What a beautiful scene.

I have never seen this part of the Miramichi. Whenever I am fishing the Miramichi it’s always been much further upstream and I’ve always been fishing Atlantic salmon. It would be quite a surprise to land a striper on the fly rod.

Well boys I hope you have been luck in the future.

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