Atlantic Salmon Fishing New Brunswick

The Atlantic salmon is so much fun to watch jumping clear of the water. And of course fly fishing for the Atlantic salmon can be an adventure of a life time. I have been enjoying our New Brunswick rivers for about 3 decades now and I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the available salmon waters here.

This Video Shows Atlantic Salmon Jumping Up Rapids


One of the most famous Atlantic salmon rivers in New Brunswick is the Restigouche river. My wife Jenny is from Campbellton New Brunswick, right on the Restigouche river so when we would visit her parents I would usually drop Jenny off at the house and I would head up to Tide Head until it was completely dark, fishing trout and Atlantic salmon.

Atlantic Salmon Fishing The Restigouche River, New Brunswick

My first experience with salmon fishing on the Restigouche was at Tide Head New Brunswick, back 30 years ago. I was actually fishing brook trout at the brook the flows into the main river. It’s so much fun with light line and a tiny trout flies.

It was actually dark but of course I had to make just one more cast and that’s when I hooked into my first Restigouche salmon, I think. Well, like I said it was dark and I either hooked into the biggest trout I’ve ever had on the end of a line or it was a big ole Atlantic salmon. I guess by the way I’m writing this you can already tell I didn’t get to see it, but I did get to hear it clear the water a few times and smack down on the surface.

It sure sounded and felt big but we will never know but at that moment it didn’t really matter because I would have released it. I love allowing the bigger fish to return to breed more bigger fish. I was still shaking from the excitement once I returned to Jenny’s parents home for a late evening dinner of lobster.

Jenny’s dad, Arnold Jardine or Saddie as most knew him, had a big ole salmon ready for the next day’s dinner though. I miss going up to Campbellton since Dot and Saddie passed on.

Before closing here is a video from the Fishin’ Musician and TourismNB, enjoy.

Sportfishing for Chinook salmon. Chinook are h...
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When it comes to salmon fishing, remember that there are quite a few things that you need to be resonant of in order for you to be successful. Like any partisan who is after a certain rocking horse, or for that matter an experience, salmon fishing is sure as shooting something that comprises many composite workings. There are quite a few affairs that you need to know, like for representative where on the button you can fish for salmon. Other than that you need to also be careful of what kind of gear you need. And to be genuine, the list does not end here either.

You should be alert that like most rocking horses there are certain dangers that are linked to salmon angling. In most cases, fishing for salmon takes place in the wilderness. The truth is other wildlife such as bears may be crossing that particular area. This is why you need to get an accomplished opinion of what arenas are the best and also the safest when it comes to salmon angling.

Another way in which you can find out Selective Information is to check out a few of the tourist offices that are offering salmon fishing as an attraction. They are sure to offer the said experience at a lower rate for locals. This is where you need to do an individual search on your own. Having said that it is also worthwhile to check out within your neck of the woods if there are many salmon angling radicals who band up unitedly and venture into areas where salmon is abundant. Besides the adventure you are sure to come across many boosters as well.

If you seem to come crosswise many dead ends when it comes to brilliant for opportunities with reckon to salmon angling, try joining a few blogs and word boards online. You are sure to come across many articles on what you should do in order to be prepared for salmon fishing. Not only that there are quite a few leads you will be able to gather from interacting with a vast array of mortals who are into salmon fishing. Selective Information on which areas are shorter, what gear to take, which itineraries are better and even adjustment spots can be easily told apart by talking to enthusiasts of sportfishing.

Finally just make you are know what your status is with wish to salmon fishing. Ask yourself whether you are an amateur or whether you are following this just as a avocation and not as an occupation. All this Selective Information will sure help you when it comes to gaining more data for yourself.

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Deluxe Atlantic Salmon Spread

Cooked Salmon

Image by bbum via Flickr

First go out and land yourself a nice tasty Atlantic salmon. Okay you don’t have to get all geared up and head out for a day on the water, but I think it’s a great way to build up an appetite.

  • 1 lb Cooked canned salmon or that beauty you caught yourself. Of course if you catch your own Atlantic salmon be sure to cook before you start this recipe. Just thought I better mention that.
  • 1 c Mayonnaise
  • 2 T Green pepper (diced)
  • 2 T Pimento diced
  • 2 t Lemon juice
  • 1 t Tarragon vinegar
  • 1 t Horseradish
  • 1 t Chopped dried dill

Put mayonnaise, pepper and pimento into blender on low until smooth.

Turn into bowl with rest of ingredients.

Mix well. Chill.

Serve with brown bread. I like to toast my bread first.

There are more great recipes at Great Garden Recipes.

Alaska – Fishing The Kenai River

Oh for another opportunity for a fishing trip to Alaska. I messed up the last time and didn’t quite make it to Alaska before they sent me back home to New Brunswick Canada.

Do you adore fishing?  Have you heard of the Kenai River in Alaska?  Kenai River fishing is an angler’s fantasy, actually the mother lode of salmon fishing.  The Kenai runs a spectacular 82 miles, from Kenai Lake in southern Alaska to the Pacific sea, at Cook’s Inlet.

Starting in May, continuing thru mid-October, the Kenai Peninsula, just 3 hours south of port, offers a smorgasbord of fishing adventures you won’t shortly forget.

Among the salmon varieties found are King, Sockeye, Silver and Red, with two runs each year.  As well as record-sized salmon, Kenai River fishing offers Steelhead, Rainbow trout and Dolly Varden.

If you like fishing, the Kenai River peninsula is heaven on earth.  The biggest salmon ever caught in the world was a 97-pound King Salmon, in 1985.  Keen fishermen head to the Kenai Peninsula, expecting to best this record.  A typical catch is 40 pounds!  It isn’t getting much better.

Here’s a rundown of the Kenai River fishing season, to help you plan your vacation!

round the middle of June, there’s one run of the Red Blueback salmon, followed by another in the middle of July.  If you like smoked salmon, you will want to be fishing now, as the Red variety is the king of smoked salmon.  Reds are also highly cherished for the grill, as well as canning.

Also running in mid-June and mid-July are the King salmon.  While other rivers in Alaska yield more fish, the Kings of the Kenai stream are famous for their monster size.  A normal catch in the second run is 40-50 pounds.  Do not be surprised to net a King of a larger size!

Kenai River fishing offers 2 runs of Silver salmon, one in early August and another in late Sep.  The bigger catches are usually found in the September run.

If all of this is not enough to give you the nibbles, the Kenai River yields trophy sized rainbow trout and dolly varden.

Your holiday plans should include a visit to Cook’s Inlet for a deep-sea excursion to Kachemak and Resurrection Bays, where the huge bottom-dwelling halibut live.  An Alaskan record-sized halibut which weighed in at 466 pounds was caught in Kachemak Bay!

Drive just 30 miles from Kenai to Clam Gulch, a popular destination for clamming.  Razor clams are abounding here.  As the name implies, their shells are sharp, so be careful!  Best digging times are when the tide is at minus 2 feet or lower.  Check with the dep. of Fish and Game for local boundaries.

You will not be surprised to hear that accommodations are abundant in the area along the Kenai River.  You will find fully furnished cabins all along the Kenai, with wonderful led fishing tours.  Visitors come from all over the world to sample a Kenai River fishing holiday.  Be sure to make a reservation!  It is an experience you will not forget.  Bon Appetit!

This article was written by Richard Codd, a lifelong fisherman who has visited some of the finest fishing spots in the world. He has a well known fishing blog ( on the subject of Smallmouth Bass Fishing.

Going Fishing? Bring Along Your Banjo Minnows


One of the most important things that any fishermen won’t have to forget is to bring along his tons of lures so that he can enjoy catching all the fishes in the lake all throughout the day but according to some Banjo Minnow reviews, why try to bring a whole lot of fish lures when you can only bring just a few of them in order to catch all the fishes in the lake? You may not be aware but lots of fishermen like you are now entertaining the thought of buying artificial fishing lures that can look exactly like a fish and there are some that even have the real fish smell and can even move like a fish to simulate a small fish to lure the big fishes. If you really like to enjoy fishing, you better bring your own artificial “larger-then-life” fish lures along with you.

Honestly, there are several companies who are dealing with Banjo Minnows because of the hype of this fish lure. Sad to say, the Banjo Minnow fishing lure that they are promoting on the Net are not what they seem to be. Some fishing accessories companies don’t follow the standard regulations and you might think that what you have purchased is a reliable Banjo Minnow fish lure but it’s not. So, how will you ever prove to yourself that what you have seen and would like to buy is the best and most reliable Banjo Minnow?

The only way to find out if what you are investing in is the real thing is to go to the Internet and read some customer or product reviews that will give out testimonies from people who have tried to buy a Banjo Minnow 006, for instance, and how they have enjoyed their fishing trips because they have caught a lot with the help of this fish lure. Once you have read a review or two, that’s the time that you can decide what kind of Banjo Minnow would you like and where to get them.

Keep The Line Moving

Salmon fishing on the Matapedia River at la fo...Image via Wikipedia

I love Atlantic salmon fishing on the fly using my favorite artificial flies, but sometimes that line ups are pretty long.

It took a long while before I was willing or confident enough in my fly fishing abilities to step into the link of fly fishing fanatics at Quarryville New Brunswick but I finally did and it wasn’t so bad as people let on. Maybe they just made it sound like they were all cranky old men so there would be less fishing.

I have one fly fishing buddy that still won’t fly fish when their are too many other fishers around and it’s been more than 20 years. He just doesn’t have that confidence but I fish with him all the time and he is equal to my abilities, maybe even better, but don’t tell him that, it will go straight to his head and I will never hear the end of it. So I won’t mention is name.

I have seen days when the weather and time of year were just right. You could see a line of mostly men fishing, but every once in a while a woman jumps into the line. The I am sure would stretch for at least a half mile down river.

Next time I am at Quarryville and the conditions are just right I will take a picture, maybe even a few minutes of video so you can see how cool it is to watch the fly lines going and the line moving.

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fishing-fun-in-new-brunswickI am more than happy to finally have a fishing buddy, Jamie, that is computer literate. My other fishing friends don’t know their computer any more than to find their email and visit facebook.

I like it when I go fishing with a friend and we have somethings in common other than fishing. So Jamie I would like to welcome you to the world of blogging and to tell you I really like your blog, Fishing Fun in New Brunswick.

Learn a little bit about Jamie on his introduction page.

I only met Jamie last year, through one of my fishing blogs actually, and we hit it off right away.

We only got out fishing a few times last season but we only met near the end of the season so I am curious to see how much fishing we do in 2009.

Last season we fished mostly chain pickerel and a few bass but this year we will be getting out the fly rods and of course we will still be fishing pickerel and bass but also brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout and Atantic salmon.

Jamie takes pictures, lots of pictures and I like that. I have very shakey hands and take terrible pictures. So, for that reason, I never got into taking pictures.

I bought a new digital camera last years that is suppose to help with taking the shake out of picture taking so we will see how that goes this year.

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