early morning trout fishing new brunswick
Casey stopped on the way so I could snap the this cool scene

Got out for a day of trout fishing on the Shepody river with Casey on Friday. I have to say that it got a tad windy with 30 km winds. It was so windy I’m sure I saw two birds flying backwards.

all birds grounded til further notice
All Birds Are Grounded Til Further Notice Due To High Winds

launching caseys boat on shepody riverI grabbed all my gear from the truck and put it in the boat while Casey was checking to be sure all systems were a go before launching.

BTW: The boat launch we used is on highway 915 just off highway 114 at Riverside Albert. I think it’s called humpback bridge.

Just as we were launching we saw another boat with couple of guys who were trolling slowly towards us. We took a minute to say hi and ask how they were doing. They hadn’t been there long and had only one trout so far.

I looked in the water and asked if the water here was always this colour. I decided to try my new Fujifilm XP20 camera and took an underwater  video. I put the camera under the water less than a foot and couldn’t see it. The visibility was all of about one foot making me think we were in for a tough day of trout fishing. Of course I kept that to myself.

other fishers going for trout runSoon we were seeing more and more people walking to the river side to fish trout. They were flocking there by the dozens. I guess the word gets around quickly when a fresh run of sea trout come in.

We fished for a while and came to a point where the river splits. The boat ahead of us took the right fork so we took the left.

Something I have noticed with Casey that I really like is the respect he gives others who are fishing. Every time we got close to anyone on the bank he would slow right down so that the boat wake wouldn’t bother them.

As a guy who doesn’t own a boat and fishes on foot, from my float tube or in Jamie’s canoe I appreciate when those with boats take the time to think of others.

Fly Fishing For Trout

The weather people told us to expect 30 km winds but I still brought my fly rod hoping the wind wouldn’t pick up until later in the day. I was wrong. I made a few short casts which were pretty controlled but not far from the boat. As I increase my cast I had less and less control.

I feared for Casey’s safety and was sure he wasn’t up for an ear piercing so I put the fly rod away for another day.

5 of diamonds lureWith no chance of catching a trout on the fly I then grabbed my spinning rod and put on my secret weapon for the day, a Original Dardevle Spoons (Yellow/Red Diamonds, 2/5 oz.) , don’t tell anyone.

I was sure it could handle the wind and stay on track. I made a cast to the shore, not meaning to land it on the shore but I did. Then I gave it a yank as it was just on the mud and a bit of grass.

Well about 30 feet of my braided line snapped off. I’ve never had this happen in all the years I’ve used braided lines, very strange. Now my new Five of Diamonds lure was on the river bank and the water was too shallow to pull the boat up to the shore.

I decided I would go get it and took off my shoes and socks, rolled my pants up past my knees and climbed overboard into 47 degree water. The water was only a foot deep here but the mud was another foot deeper and it was more than gross. Funny as all get out and after a couple of hilarious moments I retrieved my lure.

Now that should have been on video as I’m sure it was the funniest moment of the day.

The Only Trout I Saw, All Day

I put that rod away and grabbed my second rod, tied my lure back on and made a cast to shore. Nothing, but just as I got the lure back to the boat I saw a trout following it. The water was so murky I could barely see the trout’s back and it was just a couple of inches under the water. It never actually touched the lure.

It’s not very often we get skunked but ‘hey shit happens’. It’s always great to catch lots of fish but a day out on the water with Casey is always a good day and beats going to work every time. If laughter is good for the soul we have pretty healthy souls.

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5 Tips For Better Trout Fishing Success

When it comes to fishing around the world trout fishing seems to be the most popular for most anglers. I would have to agree with that most of the time although bass fishing puts up a good fight for first place among sports fishers like myself here in North America.

I have been fishing for these rather abundant yet crafty fish using my spinning gear and fly fishing gear for about half a century. Trout fishing just never gets old whether I’m fishing a lake, pond, river or brook.

I live in North America, Canada actually and we have trout all the way from the east coast, where I currently live to the west coast where I’d love to take a fishing trip some day. The trout in it’s many forms such as brookies or speckled, rainbow, brown and even lake trout are all over most parts of North America but they are not limited to N.A.

The Trout Habitat I Love To Fish

I really don’t find fishing lakes for trout as exciting as I do fly fishing a stream for brookies probably because a brook is so much more visual. But I won’t turn down a trip to a lake for some trout fishing.

One of my best fishing trips was a fly in trip into Quebec for lake trout and pike. A fishing trip I will not soon forget as I got to sight fish for spawning lake trout, my first chance to fly fish for lake trout.

We have rivers here in New Brunswick with Brown trout in them. I didn’t even realize we had brown trout here so you can imagine how excited I was when I landed my first brown trout ever in a brook I was fishing for brook trout in.

trout fishing tipsLuck can be a big part of fishing and I enjoy making a cast that hooks into a fish I didn’t expect.

My fishing buddies tend to think I’m lucky or have horse shoes up my behind when I catch a big one.  Of course when it’s them that makes the big catch it’s all skill.

The truth is there are always a few things you can learn to do while fishing that will make you a better trout angler.

  1. When trout fishing a stream don’t get in the water until you have evaluated the lay of the water and structure. What’s happening in and around the water that will tell you want might be happening under the water.
  2. Knowing what the trout are feeding on will give you a big advantage so follow step one first and then step two is to turn over a few rocks that are under the water to see what kind of life is living there, then use a bait that matches what you find.
  3. Having taken the time to read the water and surrounding for indicators of what the trout are feeding on and you have turned a few rock you now need to get your bait or fly where the fish live, but not on top of their head as you will spook them and never catch much other than dumb fish which are usually quite young and small.
  4. Situate yourself so that you are not in a feeding lane and then cast ahead of the fish so that the bait or fly will drift into the fishes feeding zone. You are much more likely to get that big one when you’re stealthy.
  5. Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to trout fishing as they are extremely easy to spook. Practice patience and you will do much better. When you accidently slap your bait or fly on the water and spook a fish, stop, take a break to give the fish a few minutes to calm down. That’s when you get the big one and the other guy gets skunked.

Bonus Trout Fishing Tip

A real key to successful trout fishing is to go with a fishing setup that will give you the most excitement and sometimes that means going with a light setup for those smaller trout. I have so much more fun when I am fishing light tackle or fly fishing setup that matches the size of the trout I am fishing.

These 5 useful trout fishing tips will help you catch more trout and even bigger trout in the same water you couldn’t catch them before. Happy fishing and remember to take a kid fishing, it could change their life like it did mine.

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Steps To Successful Trout Fishing For Beginners

Fishing in Troutbeck
Image via Wikipedia

For  beginner fishing, trout fishing tips truly make a difference. First of all, it would be a good thing to know that trout are fish whose metabolism depends on the temperature of water. Their metabolism accelerates with temperature increase. When in cold deeper waters, they are less active and need to eat less.

Moreover, at the beginning of every year those interested in catching trout start to be directed to warmer and warmer waters as trout tend to leave cold deep waters for environments more favorable to spawning. Also, this migration takes place the other way round in autumn, when the trout prepare for winter in cold deep waters. Yet fishermen should not expect them to cover distances very fast. The cycles of moving from one place to another follow the seasons and last for several months.

Also good to know when trout fishing is that these animals live in large groups. They tend to stick together in schools, especially the ones of the same size. Therefore, should you get lucky and get a capture, be sure that there is more trout in the area to catch as long as you do not throw the dead caught fish in the water to scare away the rest of the school.

In addition, trout fishing locations are not difficult to find. trout prey on smaller fish, but they are not great hunters due to their slow motion features. They rather wait for the prey to come along and then strike. They very often go for injured or less energetic game even though this kind of food might not be part of their regular menu. Their regular menu consists of craw-fish, minnows, worms, insects, frogs and so on. For an experienced fisherman, knowledge of the eating habits and the mating peculiarities is no secret.

On the other hand, these fish are prey themselves so they need cover as well. That is why trout fishing gets carried out in areas where they could find safety like small or big rocks, weeds and other shady or sunny well-lit areas where the eye makes it difficult for them to be spotted.

Successful trout fishing may also depend on the type of bait that is chosen by the anglers. Bait should vary according to both the season – spring, summer, autumn or winter – and the spawning cycle of this fish species. Hence, those new to trout fishing should pay attention to more experienced anglers to learn the basic steps.

Trout Fly Fishing Tips for Successful Trout Fishing

Trout Fly Fishing Tips - Hiding Places for Trout

Fly fishing for trout is an art form, and there is a lot of material providing trout fly fishing tips and techniques for any beginner fly fisherman. The following trout fly fishing tips will help you become a more successful trout fly fishing angler:

  • When approaching the water you intend fishing in, make sure that you walk slowly and quietly. Sound is transmitted more rapidly through water than air.
  • Wearing drab clothing with muted colors will help you to blend more effectively into your surroundings. This will reduce the possibility of spooking the trout.
  • Take a thermometer with you and check the water temperature before fishing for trout. When the temperature of the water falls between 55 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, the trout become more active. Outside this temperature range trout become inactive and lazy, which will reduces your chances of catching them.
  • A good quality fly rod that provides accurate casting and good feedback and line feel can make all the difference for trout fly fishing – check out the Sage Z-Axis range of fly rods for some of the best fly fishing rods that money can buy.
  • To be successful at trout fly fishing, its important that you use the correct type of fly. The temperature of the water determine what size fly you use. If the water is cold, then larger flies should be used. Smaller flies should be used when fly fishing in clear, warm water. Yellow, orange or black flies tend to work better at the beginning of the season. Different flies work best in different locations, as the prey that trout feed on will vary from location to location. A recommendation is to speak to local fly fishermen, or check with local fly fishing shops to see what trout flies work best in in that particular area.
  • Keep your fly line clean. A line that is not clean tangles more often, and creates more friction in the rod guides. You can buy products which are used specifically to clean fly lines.
  • Learn to roll cast. If you are fly fishing in streams and rivers, sometimes there will not be enough space to behind you to perform a full overhead cast – as there may be trees and bushes behind you. The roll casting technique does not require any space behind you, and is also useful when fly fishing in strong wind.
  • Always cast upstream when fishing in rivers and streams. Then allow your fly to drift backwards towards you. Trout tend to wait for their prey in areas of the river that are sheltered from the main current as they don’t have to expend as much energy. These areas may be in front of or behind rocks jutting up from the riverbed.
  • If you are trout fly fishing in dams or lakes, you will have more success if there is a small breeze blowing. Trout are more easily spooked in still waters.
  • When using a fly fishing net, do not swipe at the fish. With this sudden movement, the trout may be spooked. This will cause the trout to break the tippet on the fly line and thus escape.

More useful fly fishing tips can be found in the article: essential fly fishing tips for beginners


More information and articles about fly fishing can be found by looking at the Feedcat.net news feed for Fly Fishing Elite.


A Lot of Fun, A Little Scary And Funny All At The Same Time

Brandon and Brandon in a canoe
Image by Argyleist via Flickr

As usual I was dragging my butt around yesterday after a great day out fishing Sunday. I do my best to completely wear myself out before heading home. For me fishing is worth every ache and pain I get.

I was puttering around the yard taking a few pictures of the flowers and veggies in our little backyard garden. I like adding lots of pictures to my gardening blogs.

It was a nice day, the sun was shining but a moment later I looked up to see dark black, really thick clouds moving and and headed for the house. I just got my butt in side the door and Mother Nature let loose.

The rain was so heavy we could barely see across the street that was instantly turned into a river. Then the wind picked up until I thought the trees were going to come down. We did have a couple branches come down and then it was over as fast as it started.

I heard on the radio this morning that a lot of people were going to be without electricity until about 10am.

As I was looking out at the river running infront of our house I remember a trout fishing trip my son Stephen and I took when he was about 6.

We were both pretty excited and had everything ready the night before so we could just get up, grab breakfast and go. Mom had made us plenty of food for the day and lots of treats and drinks so we were set to go.

Time for some bonding with my bud and hugs and kisses with mom were hit the road.

Steve never stopped asking questions all the way there. As a matter of fact he is still asking questions today at 23.

We finally arrived and headed off road through the trees to brook trout fishing heaven.

We couldn’t wait to get things together Steve wanted to see the water so we walked in first.

From my point of view the water was gorgeous and as smooth as a mirror. I picked Stephen up in my arms so he could see more.

I took the canoe off the Samuria and hauled it in to the lake while Steve carried his fishing rod and tackle box. It still took a couple trips back and forth to get all our gear and goodies in the canoe.

Then we put on our life jackets, climbed in and shoved off.

We weren’t there long before thick dark clouds moved in across the trees and by the time I decided to head back to shore the skies opened up and we were soaked instantly, right through to our skin.

What was the one thing we didn’t think to pack? Rain gear, DUH.

Stephen was kind of shocked at how hard it was raining and became quite scared. A few words to reassure him he was safe and we started laughing.

We got back to shore and ran to the protection of the car and a dry set of clothes. The rain only lasted a short time and we were back on the water fishing.

It’s one of those memories that we will share for a life time. Maybe some day he will marry and have a child of his own that he can share experiences like that with.

Heck if he does it soon enough maybe he will take his old man too.

Not Diggin’ Digging Up The Garden.

Koi Pond in the Singapore AirportImage by alibaster via Flickr

It’s going to be a hot one today, not much fun to work in the garden on a day like this but I like eating and the work I do today will pay off with some great produce. Okay that didn’t work, I still want to go fishing today.

As I was digging up the first 4 foot square garden plot I found lots of huge earth worms, makes me want to go even more. I think it’s a good thing we don’t have a vehicle right now or I am sure I would be sneaking away from our backyard.

Let me see, when was the last time I fished using worms. Going back, keep going, oh yeah. I think I remember.

It was early season and it was raining hard. Roland, Pauly and I went to Grassy Lake near the top of Fundy Park. I think it may have even been right about this time of year and I am sure it was more than 10 years ago.

I don’t fish using worms unless it’s early season and even then I don’t use much live bait.

We all had cheap little ponchos on. Not sure why, but I think it only started looking like rain after we left home without rain gear. They were cheap and mine ripped quickly leaving me open to the rain and then the cold.

Normally if I am shaking hard enough to affect my vision I would be intellegent enough to go back to the vehicle to dry off a bit, but the fishing was just so good I couldn’t bring myself to walk away, so I just kept fishing, catching and shivering.

You know I don’t remember anything from that day but the fishing. I don’t remember suffering on the way home as a wet noodle, only how much fun we had and all the brook trout we caught and released.

I wonder if we could take our second lot here to install a nice big Koi Garden Pond and stock it with bass instead of goldfish or carp, now that would be kinda hard to explain to Jenny wouldn’t it.

Okay I have stalled long enough. I have to get my butt out to the back yard and finish digging up that second square foot garden.

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Brook Trout Fishing in New Brunswick Is Awesome

LLECHRYD, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 12:  Bernard Th...Image by Getty Images via DaylifeWhether it’s a fly rod, which is my choice, or a spinning rod, which I use in places the fly rod just won’t work, it’s all fun when you’re trout fishing here in New Brunswick. Stocks are plentiful in most places and there are still plenty of 2 and 3 pound brookies just waiting for the stealthy fisher to entice them.

One of my web design clients, Big Paw Outfitters owner Kevin Caissie dropped in yesterday and was telling me how the Atlantic salmon fishing was doing in the Main West Miramichi River. He and his clients have been having a blast.

That was awesome to hear but one thing that really caught my attention was the size of brook trout they caught. I know there are a lot of salmon and I enjoy fishing for them but my heart has to go to the brook trout. Their beauty just can’t be beat and they fight like there is no tomorrow.

So many people I talk to tend to think there are only small brook trout in the brooks, streams and rivers here in New Brunswick but they are dead wrong.

What it comes down to is the fact so many fish where every one else fishing and those spots tend to get over fished but if they would take their time and go to spots that are a little off the beaten track they would find a lot more and bigger brook trout.

An important key to catching brook trout in brooks and streams is stealth. If you can see the trout you can be sure they can see you, unless…

… you are really stealthy and keep low, don’t cast a shadow across the water and keep the noise, especially your feet, quiet otherwise you will alert that 4 pounder behind that downed tree.

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