Work From Home Ideas Moncton–Fly Tying

A Great Work at Home Idea, Fly Tying

Don Moroz has the right idea, why not make money doing what you love to do.

Don has taken one of his hobbies, fly tying and turned it into a work from home idea for making money.

Great job Don.

I am a bit of a fly fishing nut and usually tie my own flies. I have never had any desire to make my living tying flies. I much prefer to tie them and then use them myself, although they do make great gifts.

I went to the Moncton Market to see if I could find a couple of friends that usually have a booth there. My friends weren’t setup that day but I was happy to turn around a corner and see Don’s booth setup.

Don Moroz, owner of Don’s Fly Box

I talked with Don for a few minutes before being dragged off by my wife to look at some things I had absolutely no interest in but it was great talking to Don.

Next time you drop into the Moncton Market check out Don’s Fly Box booth.

Maybe you can even buy your wife a set of new earrings.

If you’re looking to maybe start tying your very own flies be sure to checkout Amazon for a few great books on Fly Tying Basics.

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Fly Tying Equipment: The Whip Finisher

Daddy Longlegs
Image by Yai&JR via Flickr

Ever have trouble getting the head of your fly tied just perfect? Well I have. I used my fingers as part of my fly tying equipment but eventually I started to use the whip finisher I’ve had for 20 years or more. How about you, are you still using your fingers to finish off your fly head?

For me personally it seemed to take longer to finish off the head of my fly than it took to tie the thing, so now my speed has picked up considerable and I have more time on the water than on the fly tying bench.

It took me a few tries to get the whip finisher to do what it’s meant to do but with a little practice it works fine and much faster than just using my fingers.

Here’s a short fly tying equipment, the whip finisher, video that will help you master it in a few minutes. I took extra time because all I had was a few drawings showing me how. I learn much faster by example.

I hope this helps you tie flies in record time now. Maybe you can even start making some money selling your flies on places like and or directly from your web site.

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All Things Regarding Fly Fishing Flies

Green Highlander salmon fly. The hook length i...
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If you want to catch fish why a fly rod, you are 1st going to have to understand in regards to the various varieties of flies. The name fly angling basically arrives from the kind of lures that you happen to be applying to bring the fish into your hook. The flies used in fly fishing are created to mimic insects, aquatic creatures, along with other natural food sources throughout diverse stages of their life. From grasshoppers, katydids, yellow flies, plus a good deal more, the possibilities are endless with regards to the sorts of flies available.

Did you recognize that its feasible to fish with flies without the need of planning from the song and dance regarded affectingly as fly fishing? Well, it really is plus the way to accomplish this task is with the use of a casting bubble. If you have ever wanted to make use of flies for fishing but do not would like to use classic fly fishing equipment and techniques, it is the answer.

Setting up a casting bubble is rather simple. Your line is simply threaded through the bubble from your narrow end on the bubble stop, and also a swivel is attached towards the end of one’s line. In many situations a cinch knot will be the most effective knot to use, but any powerful knot will work fine. At this point a seven to ten foot leader is connected for the swivel and also a fly to the end from the leader. This is what’s known as a casting bubble rig.

Flies is usually found via several distinct places, mainly consisting of big box retail stores, along with specialty angling suppliers. Discount flies are available in case you search around extended enough. You can get away with utilizing low cost fly fishing flies, if you ever take your time discovering them. Begin your search by heading on the internet to find reviews on several flies which might be beneficial to make use of in your area.

Fishing a casting bubble is very easy in addition and best accomplished in slow to non moving water such as being a lake or large pool in a river. With practice casting bubbles can be used in river fishing situations, but for that particular person who is new to fishing a fly in this manner, slow and/or non moving water is best. The biggest crucial is usually to retrieve your casing bubble slowly.

There are photographs of flies available to suit your needs to view online, and via other sources. The quantity of photographs obtainable for you to take a appear at are nearly endless, together with the web sites displaying distinct patterns. Certain species of fish demand a particular form of fly when you are targeting them.

If you felt entertained by this then you should also be entertained by being informed about How Long Do Flies Live.

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