Fly fishing in a river
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Fly fishing vests are an indispensable part of your fly fishing equipment. With the different styles of fishing such as dry fly and wet fly, carrying the equipment for each style required can become quite a load. A good quality fly fishing vest is designed to keep everything organized and within easy reach, and in doing so make each outing an enjoyable and hopefully unforgeable experience.

As an illustration a days outing on a far-flung river requires that you carry certain supplies. The fishing could change from fishing fast water where you are fishing with a heavy nymph, or to clear deep pools using a sinking line and streamer fly. You also could to encounter back eddies and shallow ponds where one could use a floating line and a dry fly. All of these conditions require varying lines and fishing flies. Being caught out by not carrying the right gear or equipment can be disappointing.

Depending on the time you have you may also want to carry some nourishment. Should I spend a day on the river I would usually take lunch, a small billy and gas cooker if the area to be fished was in a fire restricted area. Also wet weather gear and spare clothing in the way of light weight but warm polypropelene shirt, socks and leggings. All of this gear requires a serious, good quality fishing vest.

Not only is the fly fishing vest a great way to keep organized, but also ensures that you have everything you need. By setting up your vest properly you can leave everything inside ensuring that the next time you venture out everything is where it should be. Get used to having the same things in each pocket so you can instinctively find whatever it is you need. The majority of vests these days have a host of pockets and compartments for whatever it is you need. Camera pouch, cell phone compartments, sunglasses, fly boxes, the list goes on.

Most people will have need for different fly vests. Its a good idea to have two, one to for fishing from a boat, canoe or where you know what to expect such as my preferred and lakes rivers an streams. This is a general pupose vest for general gear such as flies, leaders, a spare line, and a few tools. On the other side is a full day pack / vest that can house various reels, lines and apparatus for a long day hike.

Obviously the fishing vest you choose will suit your style of fishing, be prepared to spend a little extra and opt for quallity fly fishing vests such as a simms fishing vest, Like the rest of your fly equipment good quality will give years of enjoyment and fond memories.

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