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Mosquitoes are pests and can be very irritating as well as injurious to your health if you get bitten by a malaria, dengue or other disease-carrying parasite. To get rid of these blood-sucking insects we use various kinds of repellents and the electronic mosquito repellent is one of them.

When you have planned a barbecue for your friends and family or have planned an outdoor trip, mosquitoes can be a great nuisance and can ruin everything. The persistent itching that follows after a mosquito bite can leave you feeling irritable and restless; this is because their bite is like a needle pricking you. Your attention span tends to diminish quickly at an outdoor party or trip if you are being hassled by these pests. Mosquitoes are very unpleasant insects that can not only cause alot of discomfort but can cause some harmful infections.

In most Asian countries and in Africa’s Sahara region mosquitoes can cause some grave health risks such as malaria, dengue, encephalitis, West Nile virus etc. These can lead, especially in children to a high mortality rate. It is therefore, quite vital that you smother yourself in some kind of mosquito repellent. This will not only keep the insects away, but will protect you from diseases and stop you getting irritable should you be unfortunate to obtain a mosquito bite.

The electronic mosquito repellent is a suitable solution for keeping these nasty pests away, athough there are several more available on the market. Mosquitoes cannot stand the smell of the electronic mosquito repellent and will therefore not penetrate the vapours that it releases into the air. The vapour will be released into a certain radius giving you maximum protection and shielding you from these pests. It is a more suitable option as compared to the strong-smelling repellents that you have to spray onto your skin. Besides these only last for a few hours while the electronic repellent will last as long as it is plugged on to a power source.

Another kind of electronic mosquito repellent is one that emits ultrasonic sound waves that are bearable to the human ear but are found repulsive by mosquitoes. These can either be set on a table or worn around your wrist when you are camping outdoors. It is believed that the sound emitted from this repellent is similar to the flapping of a male mosquito’s wings and this sound is repelling to the female mosquito, who scientifically mates only once in her lifetime and therefore keeps far away from the sound. However, it has been reported that this kind of a repellent is not effective and should not be relied on for protection.

You need to choose a spray that will give you the maximum amount of safety and will give good protection against these insects; this is essential. The electronic mosquito repellent comes close to being the best on the market as it’s not like others which have to be rubbed or sprayed onto the skin. This can be harsh and not smell very nice. The mosquitoes will stay away from you with the electronic repellent as it works silently in the background. However, one such repellent may not be enough for a very large area because the fumes that it releases works only within a few meters radius.

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